Why You May Have Failing Light Fixtures

When you have failing light fixtures, there are more significant risks than most suspect. There are some telltale signs that a fixture is defective, and if you know what to look for, you can replace the fixture before it ultimately malfunctions.

Dangers with Failing Light Fixtures

One of the hazards of a faulty light fixture is that it tends to release large amounts of heat and can expose electrical currents. If you touch it, you could experience static shock or a burn.

This is especially dangerous for children and pets. In severe cases, sparks can fly from frayed wiring, creating a fire hazard.

We all experience the annoyance of flipping on a light switch as we step into a dark room in our home, and nothing happens. Sometimes, the light comes on for a second, then goes dark with a buzzing sound. Usually, it’s only a burned-out old bulb.

There are other reasons for failing lights. A few things that you can do to investigate the outage include:

  1. Check that the light fixture is plugged in
  2. Replace the old bulb
  3. Check your circuit breaker box for a tripped circuit 

More severe issues beyond a faulty light bulb include the possibility that your light fixture is defective, its wiring is wrong, or you may have a broken switch, or another problem with your electrical panel. These problems need to be handled by a professional electrician.

Please leave any serious electrical work or electrical problems in your Northeastern Ohio home to Streb Electric’s electrical contractors and professional electricians.

When a Professional Electrician is Needed

So, the professional electricians at Streb Electric advise getting your fixtures replaced immediately should you notice the following indicators.

There are several types of situations that require calling a professional electrician for repairs:

  • Recurring Breaker Tripping: An electrical short can happen if contact in a faulty fixture occurs. This happens when a neutral wire and a hot wire come into contact. The sudden surge in electricity will cause your breaker to trip. If your breaker trips again after you turn it back on, you are probably dealing with an electrical short. This can be dangerous because it is also a fire hazard. A professional electrician must deal with this situation because of the fire hazard.  
  • Incorrect wiring: Wires may have come loose in the fixture, a common error when amateurs attempt to do the electrical wiring. Warning signs of loose wiring include flickering lights right before they go out. Do not open the fixture and tinker with the wires—leave that job to Streb Electric.
  • Wrong socket: Like the bulb, a socket can go bad. A dirty or flattened socket will stop working. If this is a permanent light fixture, the solution is to change the socket–such as ceiling lights or ceiling fans.
  • Bad outlet: You can test the outlet by plugging other appliances into it. Modern GFCI outlets should be installed if your outlets are older because they are grounded and safer.

These are the most common possibilities, but only some of them. When in doubt, call our professional electricians. We’ll find the exact source of the problem and provide the best, safest solution.Streb Electric is here for you! Contact us when you have light fixture troubles.