Interior Lighting Design in Willoughby, OH

You may not think about just how important the lights inside or outside of your home are on a daily basis, but when the power goes out or a light bulb burns out, you quickly realize just how vital your lighting truly is. Having a specialized lighting design that perfectly suits the layout of your home and your lifestyle can go a long way toward improving your living space. Streb Electric has more than 40 years of experience with interior and exterior lighting services and can help create a design specifically for your home.

What Are the Benefits of Interior Lighting Design?

Having the right lights in the proper positions in your home can help to make it easier to perform tasks and enhance the ambiance of your home environment. For example, lights under the cabinets over your kitchen counter can help you to see better , while dimmer switches on lights in the living room can make the room more inviting. In addition, changes to your interior lighting design can help you to reduce your energy consumption to lower your electric bills.

What Are the Benefits of Exterior Lighting Design?

Exterior lighting design can simultaneously improve both the appearance and safety of your home. The right lighting with spotlights and floodlights can highlight the exterior of your home in a pleasing way. In addition, motion sensors and timers can help to deter thieves and make it safer for you to be outdoors at night.

The lighting needs of a family often change over time, and it’s possible that your existing lighting design is no longer adequate for your lifestyle. Streb Electric can conduct a free electrical consultation to evaluate the efficiency of your current indoor and outdoor lighting system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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