Code Violations

What are the most common electrical code violations?

Doing your own electrical work might seem like a good idea. You could potentially save money and have the satisfaction of doing something by yourself; however, if not done properly it can be hazardous. We always recommend contacting a professional to do all of your electrical work.

Some NEC, National Electrical Code, violations seem pretty obvious; however, it is hundreds of pages long with many small details to keep in mind. Additionally, each state can have its own code requirements in addition to NEC. The safety of your home and family is priceless. Let’s learn more about the most common electrical code violations.

Wrong Circuit Breaker

Installing the wrong circuit breaker or failing to install circuit breakers is a common violation we see. Circuit breakers contain switches that trip to stop the flow of electricity when needed. There are three different types of circuit breakers and each one has a specific use. Installing the wrong one can be a major fire hazard and puts your family’s safety at risk.

Old Wiring with New Fixtures

Homes with electrical wiring installed before the 1970s are likely hazardous. Houses built during this time typically used aluminum wires which are not inherently dangerous. However, when aluminum wires are connected to newer copper wires there is a risk.

Bad Splicing

It is required that splicing two wires together occurs inside of a junction box, unless you are troubleshooting for a temporary light. So in order to avoid a violation, make sure you are installing a junction box and running the wires inside of it.

Uncovered Outdoor Receptacles

Having uncovered or incorrectly covered outdoor receptacles is an easy violation to avoid. While it might seem obvious, many homeowners do not realize the dangers that come with leaving their electrical receptacles exposed outside. Even receptacles that are mostly protected, like underneath a cover patio are still required to have proper weatherproof covers.

It can be difficult for homeowners not familiar with electrical work to spot these kinds of code violations. It is best to hire professionals who know the National Electrical Code, NEC, to ensure the safety of your family. Streb Electric has an experienced team of electricians that can spot these violations before they become detrimental. If you have already been cited for electrical violations, then Streb Electric is here to assist you. Call us today to schedule a 20-point electrical consultation to find out if your house is home to any potential risks.

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